Is it possible?
I recently found out about promo costumes and such only having permanent versions until 1 month after their release. I really want to get Seha's OA promo permanent, but I'm not sure if it's possible at this point with stamina limitations.
My Seha is currently level 27, does anyone know if it's still possible for me? Thanks.
From what I hear, OA Promos are perm no matter what.

However I might be wrong =^=
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I hope that's the case then... because I've been panicking to use up all my stamina everyday to make it. Still only level 36...
keep it in mind that you need 3 days to do the 40 dungeon runs (if you dont have the stamina pack)
From what I'm hearing, you have until 1/31 KST to get OA for Seha and his unlimited promo.
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(01-18-2015, 12:06 AM)Casey Wrote: From what I'm hearing, you have until 1/31 KST to get OA for Seha and his unlimited promo.

That's... intense..

I better get to leveling.

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I dont get the costume expires?
From what I understand, the suit that you will get when you become an OA will become a timed avatar set after the end of this month. If you can unlock OA Seha until then, the suit you get will be permanent.

I have no idea if this also applies to OA Yuri's suit, and if it does, how long it will be before her suit will become timed.
Thanks for clarifying everyone! Stamina usage is crucial only 12ish days left...
Well, Yuri OA promo set, you can get it perm until 02/28.

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