Is it true?
I was didnt have time for game for some time becouse of personal reasons, and a come bace few days ago, becouse friend said its possible to play Nata already. is it true? becouse in creation option i have onyly Black Lambs, and noone new. So my questions are: is nata playeble or my friend just lied to me to make me play again, and if its possible to play Nata how to pick him?
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(12-07-2015, 09:37 AM)Irisdina Wrote: my friend just lied to me to make me play again
nope... there is no announcement about Nata yet.

currently, it just Seulbi/Mikoto revamp update in JP. (side note : hm... strange... i thought they gotta do this after Wolfdogs release or something. but it comes early.)
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