Is there a way to disable the in-game Gamepad support?
Kinda feel bad that my first post is on the Help and Support section.. but oh well.

Basically i like to play this kind of games with a gamepad, and i use Xpadder for that since it allows you to map keys to analog stick directions and button, giving you more buttons to play with. my problem is the following: i noticed that i was getting the wrong skills while pressing certain buttons and realised it is because the gamepad support in game is also working in conjunction with Xpadder, which makes playing the game a complete mess.

So i am looking for a way to disable the in-game gamepad support or a way to make it so non of the keys are mapped in-game so it doesn't interfere with my Xpadder keys. wondering if any of you guys out there could help me with that.
Some keys are set by default, while their "shortcut" is modifiable, I recommend you to put all they gamepad keys on something you don't use or change them with the xpadder buttons instead, if that works that is..

For the control menu, just press ESC & click the keyboard button, then click the gamepad tab on left side:
[Image: 2016-01-02_01-19-33.png]
The top middle button is used to reset keys.
[Image: 2016-01-02_01-20-28.png]

And as you can see, on the keyboard tab, some keys are set by default and cannot be modified (unless you put a different hotkey next to them, in which case it will only work for keyboard I believe, pressing the same combination on gamepad will still trigger the shortcut..)

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