J Tips/Tidbits
I always play the martial artist character in every action game if possible, and J doesn't disappoint in that field.

I don't know the names of his moves, so a mod might want to edit those in if they want.

- His grab is borderline broken; it can interrupt most boss patterns entirely if they're able to be juggled at all. You can then use his magnetic fist move for a restand combo, or his aerial attack string/first move to continue the combo. It will also grab multiple enemies at once, allowing you to branch into a restand or air combo.

- The drink buff heals him slightly and lowers the HP cost on his moves. I put a few points into it as it does make a difference, and I was dying often due to lack of HP on bosses beforehand.

- A combined drink buff, Force Break (the X-Factor type move), his second awakening will buff his first awakening to insane levels. At level 30 it takes off 3-5 lifebars, and I don't even have insane gear.

- His dash cancel combos are great for filler and regaining HP.

- Maxing his HP and normal attack passives will make it easier to get through a level without running out on the boss.

- His aerial dash string can be used to start and/or extend combos, and most of his aerial variations work great in a combo. It seems like attack speed determines the ease or difficulty of landing them, though.
Thanks for sharing you impressions. I don't know even how to combo with him, lol. It'll be very helpful once I start leveling him. :)
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J has a great air game, but that's only a good thing if you're soloing or partying with others who know how to do air combos. It seems almost completely dependent on attack speed though, as it's a pretty tight window with base speed. The best way to start an air combo is off his grab when it has one skill cube (the kick finisher), and comboing that into his aerial dash string or first move.
You can also use his first skill's extend to launch enemies into the air and then do a reverse dash jump and use your regular combo, then go AAATATATATATATATATAAAA in the air and then grab the enemy and slam them to the ground. In other words:

Anion Punch(음이온 펀치)   then   <<XZZZ   then   Omega Rush(오메가3 러시) in air  then   Ocher Catch(황토 잡기 ) in air + extend

Once you get your intern skills, you can lengthen this as:

Jade/Gem Magnetism(옥돌 자기력) + extend   then   Anion Punch(음이온 펀치)   then   <<XZZZ   then   Omega Rush(오메가3 러시) in air   then   Ocher Catch(황토 잡기 ) in air + extend
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