J's Promotional Trailer

Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
That "AH HAH!!!! sounds so maniacal...

Just what form of medication does UNION give him?
[Image: Baron.gif]
(01-07-2015, 03:32 AM)Baron Wrote: That "AH HAH!!!! sounds so maniacal...

Just what form of medication does UNION give him?

He always looks like he blazin it.
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Well then. First Yuri hype train then J hype train. I am sure going around places lately.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

Seha - Kurloth // Seulbi - Pekmez // Yuri - Almiah // J - SpikedPunch // Misteltein - DrillingKick

Nata - Reebun // Levia - Mirnea // Harpy - Neola
Its almost time. And J is looking so good right now

I was hyped before way back just seeing his combos and skills (and hes a brawler!) but now... just dayum

Gimme more rapid punch/kick combos!
Awesome >.< I can't wait.
J teaches you how to 420AHAH it.

Dem combos, kooool.


- J, Jan 2015

Cool moves though. Calling it most of his skills being stoic breaker. :3
IGN: Lacie슬비
Seems really cool so far
atatatatatatata, my nick

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