(JP) Concerning server restarting report
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With help from an exernal company, the team has managed to come up with a counter measure for the last attack and any future attacks and has completed with it's introduction,. Now they are confirming and inspecting it.

They predict they will manage to reopen the servers around the 6th(Tues)~9th(Fri) of October. However if there are any changes to this plan depending on the status on the servers observed over this weekend, they will put a notice up on the 6th of October.

More details can be found here: https://cls.sega-online.jp/


As an apology they'll be compensating: Phase Stones, Period Items like 'Closers Elite Training Course', Equipment Customization Items, Fixed time Experience Boosts

Anymore information about the above compensation and when it can be enforced will be revealed at a later date. 


There'll also be a server maintenance on 7th Oct from 0200 to 1100 (+9 GMT)... 

So its probably safe to say that we might have to wait another week, unless we're lucky D:
Yeah, at least the waiting is almost over, I'm curious about those compensation items, I hope they're worth the wait :O
I'm not too sure if everyone will get the compensation items or just those who used theirs. The 1st notice implied that it's mainly for those who used theirs but the time period was affected by the server hack but they also mentioned everyone will get something as an apology.
It was right to be paranoid D:

Recent update says we'll have to wait longer for another update on the re-opening date (might probably be 9th Oct).

Quote:- Dimensional Stones x50
- Union Gear Lube [Image: Gearlube.png] x3
- Medium Power Equalizer [Image: biaYlFeptsOmB5Vx5Bq3Z8bsyRRuTAUAouTkOefI...WQHa-94o-w] x3
- High Power Equalizer [Image: d7TT1eV1zRFVCodcByz_YrNgDiEVppMeME6GC9pD...UXoeTc07QA] x2
- High Quality Jewel Equalizer [Image: wwdQytfOoeMQIeKRtBNimakkziXOLHpduBLwsi6_...BO8kEZhXrg] x2

Along with that after the next maintenance from the server restart there'll be +30% EXP for some stages.

Quote:- Closer Elite Training Course 30-days Contract x1

For those who already bought the Elite Training Course thing before the servers went down, they'll get one extra.

And those who bought dimensional stones will have their expiry extended...

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