(JP) Follow up report on service suspension
(translated from here https://cls.sega-online.jp/)

Notice about service suspension due to an unspecified third party attack.

Though we would like to resume service asap, time is needed to monitor the situation and it is difficult to forecast when the service can be restarted at this time.

A follow up notice about when the service can be restarted will be put up on September 21 at 15:00 (JPT, GMT+9), we send our deepest apologies to everyone.

- Compensation for this and apology
Players who have used the 'Elite Training Course' as well as Platinum Boost related items will be compensated when service reopens
Something will be sent to everyone who plays as well.

- Services that cannot be used
Logging in to the game server
Buying Phase Stones
Logging into the Official Site
Logging into the Inquiry or Report Forms
New User Registration

*The saved data on the servers are not affected

Furthermore, now, as it is unavoidable, the official site will be closed as well. If you would like to send in an inquiry, please use the link below

Sega PC user contact support form: https://sega.jp/contact/soft/pc.shtml

*A reply may take some time to be sent out. Thank you for your understanding

Due to the current situation, we offer our deepest apologies to everyone who is troubled by this and for causing any worry.
Hope you can find something to stave the time unless you play both versions.
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
[Image: e8a2d0eee420588d1aa4080532c2c765.gif]
I've got PSO2, but still...damn, someone must REALLY HATE poor Sega <_<
It looks like it won't be up until possibly 25th September D:

The recent update today says that it could even take all the way up to the start of October.
Yeah, but at least they seem to have caught the culprits or something like that, so at least half of the problem is solved. Well, let's see what's up on the 25th, I hope to hear good news Sad
Dang this downtime is unreal
I'm crying so much TT.TT
Still something like 11 hours and we'll know the thruth T_T
It seems that they are still regulating and inspecting the server and network machines. So its most likely going to be early October (hopefully) when we see it back on D:

Looks like we have to wait until 29th Sept for the next update on the matter... DD:
Yeah, still down, dam :/

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