(JP) Service has restarted!

You can now
- Log in to the game server
- Charge CP
- Log in to the Official Site
- Log in to the support and inquiry forms
- Download the game client

For apology and compensation contents see here (thank you user kamakura)

From now till the next update time. There will be an exp boost for entering your respecting channel 
(Example Character lv1~22 | Channel 1~4 | Area of operations within the Akatsuki location will have increased Exp)

As well as
- Special Area of Operations Entrance limit +1 (Everyday has 1 increase, resets every 4am JPT)
- Weapon Core, Module, Shield equipping level +5
- Skill point modification cost Free
- Physical Critical chance +10% | Phase Critical chance +10%
- Credit Acquisition rate +15% | Experience within Area of Operations +15%
- 9HP recovers every 3 seconds | 3MP recovers every 3 seconds

- Sales of New Wave L Gear has extended to the next maintenace
- Campus Attendance and Daily Strategy Support has completed however they plan on renewing it in the next update
- Channels have been reduced from 75 to 60
- Distribution of Event and Campaign Present items will be on the 20th October
Well, the game's finally back! Big Grin
Too bad I lost all the coins I had (4) for the OA costume on my J, but already made 10 again and crafted the wep I still missed Tongue
Oh well, let's hope next update is good now.

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