July 13th's Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

Update details:

+New character:

-Wolfgang Schneider can now be pre-created, which means that you can reserve a name for it but not play until next week.
(Please remember that in order to play a pre-created character you will have to select emergency mission instead of moving to circle area).
[Pre-creating wolfgang will give you bonus items later after the official release]

-New team has been added, Gameskeeper.

+Some Tina EX skills modifications.

+Modified completion rewards from Black Lambs/Wolfdogs main story quests

+Training Program changes:

-Can now access all training programs through Guro Station/Temporary Union HQ.

+Dragon hall reward changes:

-Replaced dimensional gel with Shining Material Conversion Coupon.

+Union Store updates.

+Black Lambs/Wolfdogs growth event:

-EXP bonus for creating a new character within Wolfdogs or Black Lambs, in addition to free items and unlocking 6 overlay slots for free, check the event page for more details.

+Extra maintenance compensation.

+Bug fix and minor UI fixes.


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