Just for curiousity
I have a question.

Is anyone working for an english patch for closers kr\jp?

I make this question because there are games like PSO2 who got an english patch for storyline and items.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will answer me.
No, because the game isn't big enough as PSO2 and unlike PSO2, client modification or speaking english randomly in the server can be a ban-able offense.

Also, why would anyone make an english patch if the english server will be released in a year or two from now? (as far as i know, PSO2 don't have an official english NA server [only SEA])

And one more thing, the game is pretty simple so far (stats etc) you can just check the translation threads and you'll be able to understand the game properly, if you are talking about translating the story, 2nafish started doing that but i forgot where he stopped (from the creation of a character till the end, translating every single dialogue).

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