<---- Korean pro player
Actually I am Australian and aint pro at all, but whats the the difference eh :^) . Anyway hello all, i'm new this forum and sort of new to this game. I have been following this game ever since it was revealed to in 2012, and went through all the hype of character, level and mode reveals, creation the English website (the amount of hope that gave me for a English release at the time made me cry), the logo and "relaunch of the game", the disappointment joy of Nexon becoming publisher and lastly the final reaching point of the CBT. Unfortunately I was unable to participate in the CBT due to heavy RL responsibilities, but I am now free and I am about to enter the OBT. Why am I telling you this? Well tbh i just wanted to express my joy of my first time ever seeing a MMO grow from nothing to this, and with the amount time ive invested in researching and participating in other forums its sort of like watching your baby grow into a teenager and soo hopefully a fully grown adult.

TL;DR Hello, I have been here from the start and I make kebabs and burritoes for a living at the moment!

Cheers and Happy New Year!!
You got me lmao

Welcome and Happy New year~
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
Ι've been playing for...2-3 days and i love it so far!

Welcome man~
Welcome m8
Welcome to the website&to 2015 :3
Hi welcome to CloserS HQ! I hope we get to interact with each other in-game/forums/whatever! I look forward to reading your posts, and am glad that our community is spreading world-wide!
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
I've been had >:C

Welcome tho~

Hahaha ty ty

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