That carnivorous plant head dimensional boss (3-2) needs a ruddy nerf. It's stupidly hard to avoid his attacks.

Any strategies to fight that thing with Seulbi? His dive thing is annoying. His grab followed by a 'German suplex' is annoying. His burrowed form is annoying to dodge. The map is too narrow.
He's easy though....none of his attacks are that hard to dodge, and you can just force cancel out of his grab. Try to learn how to perfect dodge (time dodge as you get hit to get invincibility), it will help a lot.

If you think this version is hard, wait till you fight him again in Blue-1 on Phase 3 or higher. Now THAT's a tiny arena for way too large AoEs.
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.... drats.
For being a lower tier boss, he's a pain in the tail.
(05-11-2015, 03:43 PM)Othinus Wrote: .... drats.
For being a lower tier boss, he's a pain in the tail.

i don't think so, you just have to remember his movement and dodge it. when the 1st hit abt to land and u dodge it will grant u a invisibility status then you will be able to ignore all hits for abt a second, that might helps 
He really is one of the tougher bosses. More problematic than the others in Area 3 EDMs. And even his fireball spewing cousin in the Plane Gate I find much easier to deal with.

Usually, I just pound on him and then immediately get away as soon as he stops getting hitstunned. Save Forced Cancel for his grab moves.

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