Launcher error
I keep getting this error when I attempt to start the game.
[Image: gN3y9uf.jpg]
Help please?
Were you already able to play the game prior to the error?
Please help me :'( When i open this game, but it suddenlly got Argument Error? What i have to do?
i have the same problem.
Yesterday, after update i have played without problem, today, when i try to open the game i get the same error >.<

This is the message:
This is the translation (from google):
You can not read the path tea code file

i hope that i don't have to download again all the client
yeah,i have the same problem,
ok, yesterday i spent all the day to download it again and after all seemed work, today i get the same error. can anyone help us ?
UP: i have try to restart the VPN and now it works

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