Le Fgt's Introduction

Was made aware of this forum due to some trashy noob I know whose name starts with a E and ends in ric so I decided to join as it seemed to have been well thought out (I don't like trying to join into something chaotic and unorganized).

Name is Ludamister although most just call me either Luda or Felix. I'm a streamer with lots of experience in overseas gaming ranging from SEA all the way to KR. I play a lot of different, typical retail games as well as the usual F2P Freemium bullshit out there. I'm really looking forward to Evolve and GTA V that's coming out soon in 4-5 weeks.

I speak and read Spanish (my main), English and Portuguese pretty well and am currently learning Japanese (cause I'm a weeafag in training) and Korean.

I'm a bit technical so you may find me make posts about the technical aspect of games regarding what engines they are using, decompilers that I may make, mods, etc. Yes, I do hack but I genuinely only hack games that are ultimately shitty. If I really do enjoy a game, I'll deliberately hack it but report my findings to the respective company to improve the QoS.

Errr, not sure if there's more I want to cover. I'm not sure if there's any VoiP servers that we are using, however, I'd be more than glad to offer my own if anyone wants to take refuge and enjoy talking to like-minded people.

If I can receive a staff member's blessings, I'll gladly make a post with the info there.

Hope to see you all soon in-game and thanks for having me!

[Image: 429e9123d1.gif]
LE LAPIN EST DÉÇU. (The bunny is deceived)

Anyway, welcome~
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
Welcome! Enjoy your stay here!
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Welcome!. Awesome gif c:

Proof that Eric is a scrublord420fgt

[Image: 22070bfc6b.png]

Also, thanks for the greetings! Asides from the forums here, are there any other collective mediums that this community uses such as Facebook, Skype Group, etc?
Oh my god, a tech genius

Looking forward to various info from you!
Lel tech mastah welcome.
[Image: Haruhi_think.gif]

Hmm...Maybe...if I draw your future more successful..
Welcome! I simply love the gif you used. Cats are always çslkdopsopdiopsioip <3 <3 <3 <3
wlc fabolous person.
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