Legendary Skill Cubes
Recently, I crafted myself a legendary skill cube and now I'm wondering whether I should sell it or not. I not really sure which is more profitable: opening the skill cube for a good cube to use on my character OR a good cube worth more to sell. Are the chances of making a profit high when opening these cubes or should I just sell the cube?

P.S could I have some general pointer of price would be great too
Eh,i would say sell the legendary option cube box on board for default price if possible,since there's like 70% chance you'll get useless skill cubes (knockdown/chase/skill cost/force cancel+one of those etc etc) that can't even be sold for 300k,overall its not even something to worry about,i would recommend to craft Legendary PNAs and use them on yourself,while buying specific legendary skill cubes at 400k~1.5m each without gambling.
how can i craft this legendary skill cube ?
Craft machine NPC at plane gate.

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