Levia Starter Pack Campaign!
[Image: 620x232_starterpack.jpg]
Campaign period: 10 March 2016 - 24 March 2016
Campaign content:

Sale price   
  • Levia Starter Pack
    Before campaign: 140 Phase/Dimension Stones -> On campaign: 100 Phase/Dimension Stones (800 yen worth!)   
  • Levia Premium Starter Pack -> 200 Phase/Dimension Stones
    ※Levia Premium Starter Pack only avaiable at this sale campaign.
Package Contents
Levia Premium Starter Pack   
    • 翔鳳学園冬服 (permanent)

 [Image: r_winter_l.png]
 [Image: r_winter_s.png]
※"mini skirt" type can you get when you open "レヴィア 翔凰学園ミニスカートBOX" which is already included in the package.
  • 1x ユニオンエリート育成コース30 days契約権    
  • 5x ワンデー武運のお守りBOX   
  • 10x 最高級強化燃料   
  • 1x トライブルズ +9~11   
  • 1x マレクのクリスタル像

Levia Starter Package
  • 翔鳳学園制服コスチューム(permanent) set that consist weapon, top, bottom, shoes, gloves L. gear.
    The bottom locked to "long skirt" type.   
  • 30x "迅速HP回復カプセル"   
  • 30x "迅速MP回復カプセル"   
  • 1x ユニオンエリート育成コース15 day契約権
Please note
 ※ Because some unforseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

*credits to TheTruth for translation*

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