Levia is the new Misteltein.
Oh yeah, I went there.

When Misteltein first came out, he was overpowered and outclassed everyone else. Granted, he does fall behind if you don't keep gearing him up as he levels and performs pretty poorly when undergeared, and then Seha took back his highest damage output throne.....

And now here comes Levia! Sure, I haven't gotten to Plane Gate yet, the only place where things actually put up a fight these days. But I can assure you that Levia is in fact, overpowered. She outperforms, well..... at this point of the game, EVERYONE! She clears these low level stages so much faster.

In large part, it's because of Phase Power Release. After the maintenance, they reworked it for everyone else. Now it's 40 seconds by default and leveling up the skill just boosts the bonus damage and has no impact on duration. (Although everyone builds up the bar much faster now. Skills even help build it up.)

With Levia, she gets additional bonuses. Not only does leveling up Phase Power Release increase duration for her, and now only her, but also she gets a boost to Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage (In addition to a passive +30%.) while active. Considering this is a 60 second 34.40% damage boost (WITHOUT gear/PNA bonuses.) at level 10 that you can most certainly reactivate after the duration ends.....

And with Summon Familiar, which lasts 15 seconds and has a 16 second cooldown (unaffected by Cooldown Reduction.) Once you get PPR up to level 10 (60 second duration) she can basically keep it up forever. (Especially considering that she gets the normal build up from hitting and taking hits like everyone else.) Summon Familiar also boosts Magic Defense Ignore and Movement Speed, boosting damage AND making her move really fast. (Not to mention she just fly across the screen with Designated Flight.)

So yes. I do believe that at high end levels of gear, Levia, even without her 2nd Job Advancement, will end up outperforming almost everyone else. Mobbing for sure. Bossing..... Seha will still beat her out in. (But who knows what'll happen after she gets her 2nd Advancement. Eh, maybe still Seha.) He DOES have True Damage and three ultimates while Levia only has two after all. And he has no problems keeping PPR active as well.

Seha has Phase Focus Blade which also gives him a good amount of Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Attack while charging up his Phase Power gage. Just like Levia's PPR passive bonus. So this appears to be the winning formula.

But this showing up and outclassing everyone (At the time, at least.) isn't the only thing she has in common, she's stealing Mistel's thunder in other areas as well.

-She stole Misteltein's designation as "the cute one".
-Similar backstory. UNION/Vultures doing shady experiments on them.
-Younger, more innocent personality.
-Both are magic based characters.
-They're even the "rivals" that fight each other as part of the Area 3 story quests. (Like Seha and Nata fight each other.)
-Fanartists are going crazy over her. (Just like they did Misteltein.)

Man, no wonder Misteltein's so pissed and attacks her as soon as he meets her.

.....Don't worry. They'll join forces against the third team's "cute one".
The power of the boobs...
Aw yis, take that Tein. I never liked you in the first place. o///////
[Image: snZnVQv.png]
Clutching to memories
Don't forget that her PPR also gives you back about 1/3 an mp bar as well on use, so less potion/zzz reliant.

I don't quite rate her overpowered yet. Mobs are still dying to single skills for the most part and bosses with two FM in early Act4; but it was the same situation for Nata for me at this point. I'm unsure how well she can and will boss since I have yet to spend any time bossing at this point, so she could easily fall off there.

Her base stats scale quite well with the larger base critical hit damage, to the point where I agree it is getting silly. I can easily see them removing either from the base or PPR. Although I hope they don't and balance via skill damage percentages instead; I rather like her critical damage.
LF>Nata's buff-/stabbed

Welp,everything is easy till plane gate,trust me :v
Can't judge before :x
Just got to Plane Gate. Level 57, hit level 58 after first run.

She is still destroying everything much faster than my Misteltein or Nata who have their entire blue/teal sets at the first upgrade, and even a fully upgraded +10 module. And she's using a +8 wand while they're using +8 whips. (I do want to switch Mistel to wands when it comes time to upgrade though.) Misteltein even has level 18 PNA and more SP going around.

Another thing I didn't mention (Partially because I didn't exactly discover it yet.) is that she can stay in the air almost indefinitely and unload skill after skill after skill on bosses. Use the launch from Tail Whip (On ungrabable bosses.) and Designated Flight to keep ascending.

And Dimensional Singularity (Which you can hold the key and aim it ala Misteltein's spears.) even refunds MP after it explodes.

.....And I never use normal attacks to get MP back at all. Haven't even used potions yet. DS and reactivating PPR are my recovery options.
Nerf Nerf Nerf
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-posting tein nude pics on internet- Levia lose, im sorry ppl

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