Levia pre-registration event held!
[Image: 620x232_banner_event.jpg]
Event period: 3 March 2016(after maintenance) until 10 Match 2016(when the maintenance start)
Event content:
During the event, those who have created the new character "Levia", they will receive a "Levia L. gear" and "elite training course contract rights" from "Levia entry BOX" present.

In addition, among the peoples who create "Levia" during this event, 1000 peoples will be selected to get "50 stone dimension (1,000 yen worth)" for free!

Present content:   
  • All present within "Levia entry BOX"
When you open this box, you will get:   
  • 最高級強化燃料 3 units
  • ワンデー武運のお守り 1 unit   
  • L.ギア アクセサリー「ファミリアリング」(Permanent) 1 unit   
  • レヴィアのアーカイブBOX 1 unit   
    • L.ギア アクセサリー「ファミリアネックチョーカー」(Permanent)1 unit   
    • エリート育成コース 15日契約権 1 unit   
    • マレクのクリスタル像 1 unit
"Levia L. gear" preview

 [Image: r_choker_i.png]
(Place: under_face)
 [Image: r_choker.png]

 [Image: r_ring_i.png]
(Place: arm)
 [Image: r_ring.png]


"エリート育成コース 15日契約権" effect list:   
  • exp gain + 15%   
  • credit gain + 15%   
  • max EDM +1 time   
  • +9 HP regen every 3 seconds   
  • +9 MP regen every 3 seconds
※ 1 account can only get 1 "Levia entry BOX" but can be moved to account warehouse.
 ※ If you create more than 1 "Levia", you can play all the "Levia".

  •     Lottery present: "50 stone dimension"
This is for those that created "Levia" within this event period.

How to receive the present:   
  • For "Levia entry BOX"   
  1. Select Levia that you’ve created before, and move him to「アカツキ」Akatsuki (Area 1)   
  2. There will be a window to receive the gift, click Receive and it will automatically moved to mailbox   
  3. Press M key, and click on the attached item, and it will be moved to Inventory (press I key)
  • For "50 stone dimensions"
The winner will get it from email in-game so check your email in-game.

Present distribution date: 10 March 2016 (during maintenance)

please note:
※ L. gear from this event cannot be traded, sold, decomposed, tuned, upgraded but you can move it to account shared storage.
※ If there are violations to the term and conditions, we may stop the distribution.
※ Because some unforeseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

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