Levia's boss stomp!
Now that my Levia is in fully upgraded Plane Gate gear + 3 Star Costume, I decided to take videos of Levia stomping the Plane Gate bosses on the highest difficulties.

Stats: [Image: szHYJwS.png]
(Phase Power pushes Magic Critical Hit Chance to 59% and Magic Critical Hit Damage to 343%.)


Viking Bot:

Troll Lord:

Nightmare Astaroth:


Quote:I will hunt you every day until you give me those costume pieces Astaroth.

RIP Dankstaroth 2015-2015

(also,RIP your wallet for 3*'ing)

Nerf levia plz kthxbye---/banned

Btw,astaroth's accessories drops from area 4's too (wolfdogs only).

And new area coming this month,kinda,so they might release better accessories? :l

Pretty sure we'll have better accessories at once point,because those ones gives way more bonus to yuri than anyone else :/


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