Levia vs Hecatoncheires + Final Season 1 Story Quest
Note: I had to switch from Bandicam to the ingame recorder because Naddic has taken an anti-Bandicam stance. So I've started later and cut off earlier than I usually would to reduce file sizes.


Stats: [Image: mXjoC8R.png]

Fun fact: Levia hatched from Hecatoncheires' egg.

She's fighting her reanimated mother.

Astaroth Nightmare:

Stats: [Image: sgJdPnk.png]

And as a bonus..... here's a story cutscene! WOLFDOGS STORYLINE SPOILERS:

(08-01-2015, 11:01 AM)Endgame Wrote: Fun fact: Levia hatched from Hecatoncheires' egg.

She's fighting her reanimated mother.

Eh, that was a rumor and still is.

We only know she came from an egg that was found in a seaside cave in France, after Hecatoncheir devastated the nearby area. Whether or not those eggs are from Hecaton or not, nobody knows.

Also, you should REAAAAAAAAAAALLY use Serpent Swarm.
In case it wasn't obvious (I sure took me a while to notice), you need to hold it down, it's not just a very short skill

And at master it ignores half an enemy's magic defense. It also has a ton of horizontal range, easily more than Fang Dive.
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Eh, I just don't like it. I feel it kind of slows down my aerial rampage. (And it's kind of hard to aim it aerial at smaller bosses like Alarune/Poison Ivy.) But the damage reduction while casting effect might come in handy at some point.

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