Looking to get back into the game. (Maybe)
I didn't necessarily quit closers, I just got busy and didn't have the time to play as much; but admittedly, grinding alone did get tedious after a while, and getting to level 40 was beginning to get painful. I ended up with 4 characters, 2 just below 40 and the others below 30. I wouldn't consider myself a new player, but I'm somewhere around the midgame, I'd assume. Given the current state of the game, would you consider it worth coming back to? Or would it be best to stay away until there are drastic changes worth getting excited for? Also, I hear a lot of talk of closers having a lot of potential, but its cons outweighing its pros compared to other games of its kind that don't have them; what are these games?
If you're already giving up at lv.40 to 47, then 48~50 will make u want to instant rage quit, and hop on the rage quitter bandwagon.
Not to mention even if you manage to cap, the grind train is there ready for you to hop on for the gears grind.
The amount of content out right now is fairly decent, and somewhat enjoyable for me, i raged quit at lv48~49 then i start lvl my other char to that range and raged quit again.

So all this ranting, is Closers worth coming back, right now probably not if you're in the #420BLAZEIT grinders club. But in the next few months there are many new contents that Naddic(K) promised to released, and the contents seem to be very promising.

After all i'm so busy with work i couldn't play much, all i've been doing is playing the long list of games on my PSvita (it's ****ing 20 games on ques like holy balls) so yea PSvita keep me away from grinding closers' stamina bars down to 0.

In the end, it's all depends on how much you like this game and want to support it, like i log in and do a couple runs a day, still load up 100K NX monthly like a monthly bill. All of that is to help the game developer grow more contents and hand it over to we players
I recommend you to get to 50 and forget completely about epilogue area (except for PNA quest),spam those gear grind dungeons with autoparty,they give the same exp and are way easier & faster to deal with,and of course not as bad as epilogue area's,and you get gears/material for legendary gears from it too.
Honestly,you have it less boring now that you came back at this point xD
And finishing area 4 is still fun,it only get stupid on Lv48~50
i can only play because Tein is soo kawaaaai.
Plane Gate is great because the stages are short, give the same EXP as the lengthier Epilogue area stages, there's a daily quest that gives out red upgrade fuel, and you can get plenty of credits (through gemstones that you NPC) and legendary equipment that gives nice set bonuses when you complete the set. (Although it and PNA slot unlocking is pretty expensive. I went from 7 million Credits to 2 million in a single day from hitting PNA level 7 and upgrading the legendary items..)

However, it takes until level 50 to get there.....
I appreciate all the feedback! It mostly comes down to the fact that really enjoyed the game for the time that I played, and I see that they'll be rolling out content for a while to come, so I'm going to come back and stick with it. What would make this infinitely more bearable though is having people to play with! So, ya'know, if any of you would like to play. Let me know.

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