MI-Cash Pop Up Guide
someone asking... here we go

i choose the most possible way for international player to pop up MI-Cash

1. Open bill.megaxus.co.id

2. Login via login button on top right of the screen there or login button in the middle
[Image: psmP7.png]
and then fill the Megaxus ID and password
[Image: psmYn.png]

3. You will be showed a new screen like this
[Image: psn5Z.png]
 the far most on left with "Rp 0" is your "DOMPET GUE". a megaxus in-game wallet to keep your payment intact to your account.

the highlighted "Megaxus Voucher" and anything below it is the method of payment. i'll only cover "Megaxus Voucher" cause apparently it's the only method international player could use.

4. fill the "Voucher Code" and "Password" with the code you have. there's sample there
[Image: psnlt.jpg]
5. choose where you want to transfer your in-game money.
[Image: psnz1.png]

if you transfer your in-game money to "Dompet Gue", it will transfered to your "Megaxus Account". While transfering the in-game money to the specific game, will automatically add your in-game money to your "Game Account".

choose "Game" and it will become like this :
[Image: psnKa.jpg]
you know what to choose XD

6. click "lanjutkan" right after the Megaxus' Disclaimer
[Image: psnQt.png]

Disclaimer :
PT. Megaxus Infotech won't do re-fund to you for the amount of MI-Cash that remaining or that has been spend on your ID

please take note, that management code is as important as the other code, if you were failed on pop up.

Current Currency is :
1 US dollar = RP. 13.000 = 10.000 MI-Cash

i'll list some Voucher Provider, you can contact them for payment deal.
  • Arcubin (currently out of stock)
  • azuracorellius
please contact them via discord or specified contact method.

also, you can ask about anything you don't understand here. so anybody can read it.

NB. me here doesn't take any responsibility for your loss on online trading. take on your own risk.
I'll also sell megaxus voucher, feel free to contact me

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