Maintenance Information & Patch Notes 20 October 2016
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Maintenance Information
Maintenance has since been completed as of 10:45 WIB. The actual patch size is 65 MB.
You can download the manual patch from this thread.

An announcement has been made that the Indonesian Closers Team will conduct maintenance on 20 October 2016 to implement the Airport Area for Nata, increase Nata's level cap to 62, and implement a Halloween Event. Estimated maintenance will finish at 12:00 PM WIB.

Date: 20 October 2016
Time: 6:00 AM WIB
Large Update: 75 MB
Estimated Maintenance Time: 6 hours

CLOSERS ID Patch Update List (20/10/2016)

System Update

  1. Nata
    • Add
      • Max Level: 62
      • Base Area: Airport
      • Airport Quest
      • Equipment and Crafting List
  2. Event
    • Add
      • Nata’s Airport Event
      • Halloween Event
    • On-Going
      • Nata’s Official Crew
      • October Ceria
  3. Fix
    • Crafting using Arena Points
  4. Compensation
    • Compensation for errors occurred when crafting using Arena Points
  5. Reward
    • Gift for reaching 55,000 likes on Facebook will be awarded on 27 October after maintenance.
  6. Animation Optimization

Union Store Update

[Image: Union%20Store%20Update_zps2ldrqjvz.jpg]

The Delights Package will be added to the Union Store for 99,000 MI-Cash, with a total value of 291,000 MI-Cash.

The Delights Package contains:
  • Bunny Mini Material Converter x5
  • Cos One Shot +11 x1
  • Revive Capsule x11
  • Healthy Drink 500ml x1
  • Warranty Seal x30
  • Network Interference Device x6
  • UNION Gear Lubricant x1
  • Nutrition Food x30
  • Elite Training Course Contract 7 Days x1

Gacha Shop Re-sale
[Image: Maid_zpsjrqw2rec.jpg]

Due to the many requests from UNION Agents and Vultures, the Housekeeper costume will be back in Material Conversion and Mini Material Converters. Having all pieces equipped of the 3-star Housekeeper set [D] will provide a special emote. (Hope I didn't butcher that, lol.)

The Housekeeper set [D] is also available for Levia and Nata.

How to use the special emote:
  • Equip one set of the 3-star Housekeeper  [D] costume consisting of 6 parts: Weapon, Hair, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes
  • Open the Skill Window (K), then select the tab Emoticon
  • Search for the Maid emote
  • Drag the emote to a Quick Slot
  • Another way to activate the emote is by typing /maid in chat.

Halloween Photo Booth

To celebrate Halloween this year, the UNION and Vultures staff have placed several Halloween-themed decorations in several different Base Areas. Agents can use these Halloween Photo Booth decorations to capture precious moments with friends on Halloween 2016. (They look really cute, oh my god)

Nata's Airport Event (20 October - 03 November 2016)

[Image: Nata%20Airport_zpsclzqryqk.jpg]

01: Terrorist's Treasure
To get the freedom that he desires, Nata must beat the terrorists at the Airport and collect Counter Terrorist Decorations, which can be redeemed for a number of useful items. (See image for items)

  1. Items will drop from 20 October - 03 November 2016 before maintenance.
  2. Craftable items will be available from 20 October - 10 November 2016 before maintenance.
  3. Counter Terrorist Decorations will be removed after the 10 November maintenance.

02: Nata's Airport Title
(Google Translate really botched this one up, I'm sorry lol... I think I got it, though?)

For his hard work in exterminating the terrorists that tried to escape Private Sector Exterior V. Hard 6x, Nata will be rewarded the pink title, "Airport Garrison." (So basically what I'm getting from this is to beat Private Sector Exterior V. Hard 6 times to get it.)

Halloween Event (20 October - 10 November 2016)
[Image: Halloween%20Event_zpsiys8tgku.jpg]

01: Jack O' Lantern

The UNION technicians have made Halloween Pumpkin Carving Sculptures in large numbers and scattered them throughout various dungeons in New Seoul to capture the famous story of Jack O' Lantern for Halloween. Collect these Halloween Pumpkin Sculptures and take them to Allan to redeem them for various prizes! (See the image for prizes--You might need to right click the image and save it to be able to see)

  1. Halloween Pumpkin Sculptures drop in 10(+?) stamina dungeons
  2. Drop Period: 20 October – 10 November 2016
  3. Craft Period: 20 October – 17 November 2016
  4. Event costume cannot be upgraded or dismantled.
  5. EX Dimensional Module Box and EX Dimensional Core Box will give 1 random Perfect Module or EX Core Weapon.

02: Weekend Treats Event

Login this Halloween weekend to get Halloween items prepared by the UNION and Vultures staff for the Agents and Crew members of Closers Online Indonesia! (See the image for login rewards)


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