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Hi everyone! Smile

I decide to make a small place for me to post my Closers artworks. :3

Most of my artworks will have my logo watermark, so please understand. I don't like art thief. > 3 < Moreover, I will print some of my artworks and sell them in some anime & manga festivals in future. ' u ' Anyway, I really need some money to play this game...

Anyway, here is something to begin this place.

Seha's Sticker

[Image: Seha_Lineart_zps19c521a3.png]

Base Colour:
[Image: Seha_ColourBase_zpsbb77a09f.png]

Shading 1:
[Image: Seha_ColourShade_zps85a5aac5.png]

Shading 2:
[Image: Seha_ColourShade_2_zps725efb84.png]

[Image: Seha_Crop_zpsb0ea512e.png]

I will finish Seulbi next after I complete Seha's OA quest. Hahaha... The quest is too much. /orz

Oh, when five characters are completed, I will print them out as stickers. Because why not? Big Grin
Subarashi na, r8 8/8

You planning on doing OA versions for the characters too?
Master of all lolis
Gimme them all
(01-30-2015, 04:34 AM)LayWithTwigs Wrote: Subarashi na, r8 8/8

You planning on doing OA versions for the characters too?

Arigato. :3

Yes, I'm planning to.
OA versions will be printed and sold as badges (or pins) to put it on your backbag.
[Image:]hnnnng waiting for moar designs c:
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
This is very cute, I can't wait to see more art.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Thank you for your comments. <3
I'm sketching OA versions now, but I need more references. All the artists need references. We cannot draw everything from our memories and imaginary. :3

I haven't finished OA quests for any of my characters... That's why if anyone has time, please give me four views of OA versions for all characters (Seha, Seulbi and Yuri)? High quality images are the best! Thank you in advances. :3

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