Misteltein OA Teaser
Found by Nova // Source: Closers twitter.
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Guess he finally found his spear, iykwim :^)
some kind of Mistle OA trailer or what? : x
Edit: I know, first i asked then i looked at the title, i'm stupid. : D
[Image: 104215454_wnenaxx.jpg]
god dam it naddic
Dat moment where I completely forget to level mines.
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i knew it!!! he a moon rabbit!! now he going back and leave us, no OA for him. Sad

2nd teaser
Can they just outright say that Mistel is actually a girl raised as a boy and be done with it?
Okay, Mistel's gotten two OA trailers now while everyone else has only gotten their release trailers. (But J's was uploaded twice for some reason.)

Why is he being more promoted than the others?
trap profit

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