Misteltein Official Agent Promotional Video
(03-25-2015, 06:52 PM)Ryan Wrote:
(03-25-2015, 06:48 PM)Khleys Wrote: I WANTED A THONG

[Image: py63_zps5e721d43.gif] H-hentai! You don't think that's a bit much!?


By the way, if anyone was curious. That gigantic green wall wind thing that looks like Acrobat from DN's skill is the Finishing Move
No longer active
Currently I do not see any problem with all the characters. All of them can perform as well except in area 5-S which seha excels with his true damage.
To me this update for tein is needed, it looks op but considering that they are pushing season 2, the others will have special agent update by then.

As for the more promo for tein, in my opinion I felt that tein has the least promo. I only saw the teaser video and there was no official teaser website for the update till it release.

At least for J, there is a teaser website with J never dies. Tein, I felt he was neglected and the release date in the teaser video makes me think they pull an april fool joke.
Quote:Tein also gives more depth to the story, by making UNION seem like this anti-hero[I guess that's what I'd call it(Though, J also does this too)]
Except that UNION being morally ambiguous is already implied in the story. Yuri starts doubting the morality of her line of work in Singang, J's a vet so he's already seen some crap, Jeongmi(tsundere girl in Singang) hates Closers because they purposefully ignored her dying dad for some government official, and even Seulbi herself is a little morally ambiguous as she's partly in it for revenge and one of her character conflicts in becoming an Official Agent was whether she should use the Black Lambs to commit atrocities in the name of revenge or not. So Mistel being the one that contributes most to the story can be a little...upsetting.

I'll admit that UNION using Dimensionals to make their weapons is kinda interesting though.
i know this is too late to say this after the last OA character but...

i think all OA uniform lack or character`s originality.
(03-25-2015, 06:48 PM)Khleys Wrote: [quote='Baconater' pid='6095' dateline='1427316445']
Who's to say that Misteltein won't get a revamp and ultimately be better than J?
To be perfectly honest, if Tein got a revamp and became better than J.

I, too, will be egging naddic's headquarters.

I love them both but that's just outrageous, you didn't release J on opening date (even though you really should've, I mean you did it during invitation beta), then you proceed to delay J OA for a sh*t event, and then give Tein 900x better treatment?

As Seha would say, J is getting NPC treatment


I'm not as butthurt as most people but I really do feel like they're straight up giving him super special treatment. :|
I'm currently 59% on uploading a video of OA Mistletein vs Hecatoncheires. (Damn my slow upload speed.) But Misteltein's dominance continues. Sorry J.

-The spear detonation giving back MP change fixed Mistel's MP starving problem, meaning he no longer has to chug MP potions like crazy and can pull off non-stop full spear detonations.

-The leap skill leaves behind a green spear with the Advanced command. That's right. MORE SPEARS! (Unfortunately, green spears do not last very long now. So you have to be quick using this to set up an explosion.)

-The party buff (the flag + charge) skill gives additional damage reduction, crit chance, and crit damage. It's like PFB..... for the whole party. (But no attack speed or range extension.)

-The stone coming out of the ground is a "grab" (disruption potential) and can detonate spears with its Advanced command.

-Now, the new ultimate I'm pretty iffy on. Although its mana cost is really low, it doesn't do much damage at all. But the wind aura gives a flat percentage attack buff, although it doesn't last that long. I might skip this to save SP at least until we know what the Master rank red aura does.
I'm not liking the shilling Naddic's giving Mistel. I'm almost reconsidering getting his OA now if he's going to literally be a one-man army at this rate.
*notices that the jump skill has been dubbed "Roast Beef"*

i cant believe he used an OA skill

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