Misteltein Promotional Video

^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
Is it sad that I am going to find him annoying.
How is this hype?
...Nexon and naddic are milking the living hell out of Tein's cute
No longer active
his animations are the best, LOOK AT THOSE POWERFUL SWINGS

he also looks like hes going to enjoy being as chuuni as possible so we've got that incoming lol
Good god..... as if there wasn't already enough people confused, now he even ACTS like a girl!

Just what the hell did those german scientists do to him?!
(02-12-2015, 02:14 PM)Endgame Wrote: Just what the hell did those german scientists do to him?!

"you're the one that made me feel this way... now you have to fix it!!"

no but his mannerisms dont even seem that girly imo he's just really... happy
and confident, very confident
My kokoro..
Steiner must DIE. /offtopic

God damn the wait is real.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Today is taking forever..

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