Misteltein is precious.
[Image: l3TSjgR.jpg]

[Image: wIjmTm0.jpg]

[Image: jaI5zQE.jpg]

[Image: llrhIx2.jpg]

[Image: 8RA9178.jpg]

[Image: MQpcv73.jpg]

[Image: 8h8UEuy.jpg]

[Image: jeirvmI.jpg]

Gotta love Naddic's sense of humor.
[Image: fun.gif]
So you think she's precious, Endy-kins?
You've got to be f***ing kidding me.....

I mean.....

Oh ho Kingles! You think you have caught me in the act of loli love! You think yourself triumphant! But it's a trap! And I posted this for shits and giggles anyway.
I caught you red handed, mister. Good luck explaining this to everyone!
I can explain it just fine.

Go ahead. Show everyone else what you've found.
(02-08-2017, 12:21 AM)Endgame Wrote: I can explain it just fine.

Go ahead. Show everyone else what you've found.

You can't explain yourself through lies and deceit, Endy. But very well, I will expose you to everyone over there~
I'm waiting.

You're a lolicon, and the proof is in the pudding.
1. Magical Makeup is a skill that specifically makes Aisha taller and her boobs bigger. If I was the lolicon you claim I am, why would I celebrate THAT?!

2. Those images don't work anymore.....

3. The real Kingles conceded Aisha isn't loli. Soooo..... yeah, I believe him when he says you're not him now. Way to give yourself away.

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