Misteltein teaser story snippets
These are teasers for event that give RL stuff: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2015/mis...tract.aspx#
Not posted on events because rewards are RL stuff. And didn't seem important enough for translation section owo

"Once upon a time...
There was a god. Nothing could kill this god.
But then a single spear lead to the death of this god which nothing could kill.

Then could this spear have been nothing?
The spear's name was Misteltein.

That's the name of this spear which is nothing.

"-Research Log #296-
Something suprising has happened.
Sample B, that didn't react to any stimulus so far,
Suddenly opened its eyes and started walking.
Another important fact that should be noted is that,
Soon as sample B opened its eyes, it said a single word in German.
That word was


That is your name. And we are your grandfathers.
Mother? Father? Siblings? You don't need any of those.
All you need is us, your grandfathers.

And this is a present for you.
It's a spear that has the same name as you.


"UNION Germany Branch order No.32,931

This is an order for temporary agent Misteltein.
This order revokes the previous order No.32,930

Instead of Germany branch's hunting guard team,
you are be assigned as member of the newly formed team in Korea's UNION New Seoul branch.

Carry out the order. This is your ."

"Listen carefully Misteltein. Soon... I'll be dead.
Your other grandfathers will meddle with your brain to make you forget the fact that I died. Okay, it's fine if you forget me.
Because since I betrayed them, I'm not your grandfather anymore.
But, don't forget this one thing. No matter what anyone says, even your other grandfathers. You... are not a weapon. You are a human.

I'm sorry that I couldn't stop the misfortune that will come upon you....
I hope.... at least, you'd meet good guardians and friends in the place you go next...

I love you, Mistel."

"Nice to meet you. So you are Misteltein?
I'm UNION New Seoul Branch's Chief of agent management department, David Lee.
Welcome to New Seoul, and to your new team.
Hm? Our team's name?

It's called < Black Lambs>.
That team is now your new ."

"And so, Misteltein who was nothing,
to deny the fact that he was nothing,
to prove that he was a hunter, and also a human,
appeared at the hunting ground with his spear that had the same name as him.

"I'm Misteltein..."

He raised his spear
"We're Misteltein..."

The spear that will be broken eventually
"Our mission is...."

[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
oh my god misteltein is a robot
So you're telling me that Misty's one of those young super soldier experiments?

Explains why he can hold a lance that big.
-Apparent genetic experiments.
-Blonde hair.


Anyone else suddenly feel a little uneasy about our new friend?
I wanna know what happened to Sample A
KyKR -Striker
Hikikomori Bus summoner -Caster
ThePlot -Ranger
Northstar -Fighter
SonOfSeiker -Lancer
This is their idea of Aryan Master Race?

[Image: 38523627_zpsd468169e.jpg]

That is your name. And we are your grandfathers.
Mother? Father? Siblings? You don't need any of those.
All you need is us, your grandfathers.

And this is a present for you.
It's a spear that has the same name as you.

[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
"grandfathers" is kind of weird, like why that. are they that attached to their grey beards?? is it some sort of... idk grandfather clause thing, that's all that comes to mind
these "grandfathers" werent even creative enough to give tein his own name smh

this snippets seem so uncharacteristically serious, im wondering if we'll hear more about it after tein's release

anyone got any ideas on what hunting guard couldve meant!?!?
No longer active
Maybe he was sent to Black Lambs as a spy? Could be seeing as there is a clear division between the Union members.

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