Money crisis!
Hello guys! I was wondering if there was any decent "Money making" method atm for a Seha lee lvl 35. I'm currently broke after spending thousands on crafting and Enchanting my wep....

Also where can I get the best upgrade item. Like the yellow one is 5+ or something and the green one is for 7+ and the red one is like 10+?? Do you know where I can get the red ones xD
You can check these two guides here.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
You can get the red ones from dungeon result bonus items,craft from 10x green ones,quests or buy them off market.
Also,they work up to +9 without risk,above +9 will be risky no matter what fuel you use,so either risk it or get NX items to help you in case it turns bad.
Secret dungeon drop those yellow and green quite often including the dimensional crack things. Or just complete the story mission )ending the cocoon spinner) which will take you to lv 38. From there, you can farm the continuous quest which nets you 7000 coins per 2 V.Hard 3-3 I think which also nets 42000 coins just from dungeon alone. Best played with others.
I've been playing the game for two weeks and have never once experienced a "money crisis".
Just manage your resources carefully and don't spend it on useless stuff.
Try to party often and create your own money making method instead of following the guides here sometimes because RNG might not be your best friend.
Resting on my 8 digits atm, you'll get there :^)

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