Monthly Suggestion Thread for Closers KR!
  • Allow players to change their pose from a menu as long as the Housekeeper set is in inventory
  • Allow players to turn on Housekeeper party buff from a menu as long as the Housekeeper 3* set is in inventoy
    • If there's another set in the future similar to Housekeeper with party buff, and a player has more than one of these sets, allow players to select the single party buff they wish to use from a menu
  • Allow all costume exclusive emotes to be usable as long as the player has the costume pieces required in inventory

Either all that or add a 3rd visual costume slot...
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Please don't make the Circle Hangout sht require NX.

Like maybe make a system where you can farm certain dungeons for circle points and use those points as NX-replacement or something.
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No longer active
Allow access to textbox during load screens
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Lower the EXP tables for 62-64 or lower the level requirement of Very Hard Area 6 stages to 64.

After completing the Area 6 story quests up to where they send you to the Very Hard versions of the stages, you will only be at 63. Meaning you have to grind all the way up to 65 from that point. This disrupts the flow of the area. (Not to mention 65-70 is plenty lengthy as is and there are now new titles that give stats that require 50 runs of VH stages.)
(01-30-2016, 02:44 PM)Endgame Wrote: Meaning you have to grind all the way up to 65 from that point. This disrupts the flow of the area.

Actually, that was on purpose it seems, and gave an achievement for finishing 6-6 15 times on hard mode that unlock a title with +30 raw atk & +3% crit chance?

(even the event title is 7x hard mode 6-6 runs)

But yeah that's not enough for Lv65 either :/

They should just lower it to 64 as you said and it'll be fine, seeing how dungeons give 3~4% exp zzzzzz......

I'm more worried about the Lv66~70 struggle, but I guess that makes capping a "challenge" unlike Lv62 that takes no time to reach..

Beside, the plane gate update we'll get will definitely give exp on those levels
basic complaint: misteltein's skills after his touch-up are distracting from his main theme (spears)

magicspear niflheim is tacky compared to the other magicspear skills and needs to be toned down. the most resource-efficient way i would go about it is moving the ice shards in the first part of the skill to the second part and removing the second part entirely. 

mjolnir looks like a completely random skill for misteltein to have; the spear in the second part of it saves it, but it disappears so quickly that i didnt notice it for a while (i thought the spear in the skill icon was a blatant lie). id prefer if the spear's model remained for a few seconds after the skill. the skill icon should also be adjusted; having it focus on the spear makes it look like a magicspear skill (and easily confusable for midgard in the heat of the moment).


the efficient way to solve magicspear niflheim's problem is to reallocate the resources at work, like i suggested, but if we want misteltein's skills to look more powerful, then we (STILL) need to tone down niflheim and bring midgard/muspelheim up to its level of quality.

[Image: 30M0nWM.png]

1) first activation, 2-3) second activation, 4) remnants of the skill indicating the spears have been used completely (THIS VISUAL IS TECHNICALLY A PVP NERF, please keep that in mind when considering that portion and how long it should last)

- dont let the ice block the view of the spear
- keep the iced-over effect on the ground, possibly enhance it so it's more noticeable
- if there NEEDS to be ice covering the spear, have it accent the spear's shape rather than obstruct it
- ice particles can have a SUBTLE shattering effect (otherwise it'll look like a second instance of damage)

- play up the combustion and make the flames more prominent
- AGAIN!!! dont obstruct the spear though

i dont have much advice for muspelheim except adding more black lines to the motion of it?? ALTERNATIVELY, as indicated on the right side of the image, i would move the fire theme to muspelheim and make midgard more light-based (better fitting their allusions). 

other things:

- pls make boob physics pausable
- the early dungeons are so easy that absolutely nothing is learned from them--no AI, no mechanics, nothing. it's a complete waste of time and doesn't encourage me to learn to dodge at all.
- the black lambs' g-tower story is completely singleplayer. the wolfdogs seem to have it much better, and since BL havent been updated in a few similar ways (e.g. all of their rivals are still nata) i'm ASSUMING naddic'll get around to it, but it's... truly horrendous. i would be embarrassed if i invited someone to play and we had to keep breaking up and reforming our party for one mission with one instance of dialogue in the middle of it.
[Image: eFz8HRB.png]
im making closers character mod, please if anyone here using script to extract game files, can you give me the latest version of the script ? The one im using is old and uncomfortable :/ and i cant find Tina and Violet model/ texture, if you guys can help me out, my appreciate
How nice, thanks

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