My first day on closers. Need help
Hello everyone. I have just purchased today a KR nexon account and want to start playing closers. After watching many videos of all the characters, I'm undecided on what to play.
So I want to ask opinions on what character is good for a beginner. If a similar thread is already out there and I shouldn't post this then I apologize right now. So which is a good character for beginners? Or maybe there are some events (or will be soon) going on now that make a certain character worth playing? Which one to go for? Maybe some pros/cons off all chars? I wanna have fun with this game cause I've been waiting for it. Sorry for long text. Please help.
P.S. In al the vids that I saw people keep fighting enemies in the air. Is there a reason behind this? Can all chars fight in air?
(02-27-2015, 08:10 AM)Nova Wrote:

Okay. That pretty much explains what all chars do and their strengths. But which is actually beginner friendly? I saw people use skill after skill and for me at least I need to look at the keyboard for the buttons. So my reactions aren't that good. In this situation who would be more fitting?
P.S. Maybe also worth mentioning that I am more into solo play than party cause my PC is low end and usually can't handle 4 people on screen. So just solo play for me.
No other opinions? Come on guys, I really want some advice
Well,seha is good with his true damage that ignore defense at most point with anything involving gunshots,he is 80% physical (some skills are magical,thus useless)
Seulbi is great on group mobing,generally in party play,here skills are nice overall and she is purely magical (take it as the magical DPS of other MMOs)
Yuri has fast movements and hybrid damage,you might think she isn't strong because of her damage but she is strong enough to prove the opposite,she is one of the hardest characters as well.
J is 70% physical (as of now,waiting for official agent update),he don't use mana (one less thing to worry about) he uses his own HP to attack (need management) but at the same time he can heal from some skills,but his finisher moves are very heavy costing so far,and his OA skills might cost more as well.
Mistletein,well,he got everything and he is a support character in addition to that,he can grab and spin,launch AOE spears and get buff from them or make them explode,and have nice finisher moves as well,his passive converts 30% of his physical attack to magical,so yeah he is kinda pure hybrid as well (with advantage).
Well events wise, there's Seulbi's where you can get her permament OA costume if u reach second job by march 18? So if u like rush level her you can make it. The only chars that can air combo easily are seha and J personally. Not too sure on Mist as mines only lvl 22 or so.
Mistletein....only problem about him is the fancy symbols on the ground. It always cause party members death due to unable to see the enemy attack. Proven and tested, he can cause 3/4 party death due to symbols, careful when grouping him.

I suggest testing out all the chars. It is worth it as it gives bonus to all of your chars.
if your reaction time is not promising i suggest mistletein or seha, very straight foward. both can be play as attacker(offensive) and tein can also be supported( circle buff)
Ok guys. I decide to go with J.
J is the best. You won't regret it.
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