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Reserving another 10k.~~~~
(05-19-2015, 03:08 AM)blackcat0609 Wrote: Reserving another 10k.~~~~

PM me on chatango when you can trade ♥~
Legit weed seller. I can vouch for him 420%
Do not try to scam him or you'll be disqualified from MLG and will no longer have the ability to blaze it.
Legitimately approved by MLG[100% true]
[Image: HmgRl7O.png]

sample text
rate had been updated, after massively calculate in 3 seconds i decided 3.2mil is a decent price for 10K NX

Reserving another 10k.~~~~

PM me on Chatango when you online
It doesn't need to say twice. Fast and Super Reliable 10* approved.
Hi Ben,

Here to reserve 10k Nx for 3.2mil.

Edit: Submitted.
(05-23-2015, 02:37 AM)arslan87 Wrote: Hi Ben,

Here to reserve 10k Nx for 3.2mil.

pls submit a Reservation form i mention in the thread
Sent a form reserving 10k Nx.. When can I pay the 3.2m?
(05-25-2015, 10:01 AM)Roxas9 Wrote: Sent a form reserving 10k Nx.. When can I pay the 3.2m?

Well i have to confirm the NX 1st then i will notice you when to pay
Stock is in.

@Roxas9: pls PM me on chatango(click here) when you online so i can set up a trade

@arslan87: after i finish trading with Roxas9, i will trade you

@InfiniteSummer: you are third m8

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