Naddic Should Revamp the OA Event Quest
When Official Agent comes out for a character, Naddic should do the following:

Simply split the OA Quest where you do 40 cube runs.

Part 1. 20 Runs of Cube and Then you get OA w/ temporary costume.

Part 2. Have an option to do a 2nd Event Quest to do 20 more runs and you get the permanent costume.

I personally think the 2nd portion should be optional, people are really giving the game a bad rep when the OA Quest actually requires 20 runs, instead of the 40 event runs. Doing the optional event quest for the permanent costume rewards the dedicated player. If you spend more time in a game, you should be rewarded more IMO.
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I don't know if I agree with you. While it can be good (sometimes I go lazy... J is a good example, I really hate leveling him and the leveling curve is not helping at all) it can be bad with those who rushed to level and finish the quest in order to have something exclusive, you know?
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