Nata PG Equipment
So, I can't choose which set to make for Nata, since I can't really see difference between them (maybe I am blind lol)

[Image: image.png]

However, I already have almost all raw materials for the orange one (except for toy/spaceman) and now I am wondering if I should just start farming for the blue one... Any suggestions?
how about both?

You actually only need to make 3/5 - 3/5 of each, the most optimal build so far is:

3/5 orange with shields only (mascot/necklace/ring)
3/5 light blue with module (necklace/ring/Critical chance module)
Seha HP card [from area 4 training program] (to fill the 6th shield slot)
Orange non-set rare module (crit chance+crit dmg)
Orange non-set raw atk module (raw atk+ crit dmg)
Got it, thanks Big Grin

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