Nata's true identity revealed.
[Image: 589890c57f1fdf47046caaf3754c0b18.jpg]

Nata,the blue hedgehog:
[Image: 67e342c31e9031d03e800540a0f34347.gif]

[Image: b36a32d83ae4f071e4991ae923562a31.png]
[Image: 8b6839cd8aad99a9900ff46be6226bf8.png]

Also,wolfdog's leader is Eggman.
[Image: cats.jpg]
That is a silly looking attack.
if you miss the first hit it cancels :ccccc
[Image: cats.jpg]
Did you just-
[Image: snZnVQv.png]
Clutching to memories
[Image: lvbhiVt.jpg]
Blame desired for this one.
[Image: cats.jpg]

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