Nata skill
Is there any skill guide for Nata ?
You don't need any "build" yet,because you can most likely max all his kills and passives (the usefull passives..) at Lv58 on max PNA & quest books,since he is limited to 1st job.

If you are looking for "what is the best skill to use",well,generally you'll find out by yourself depending on your playstyle,But i can tell you to try to throw things midair with guillotine then sure kill to have chase damage,although that's not very likely to happen perfectly,its still the best way to do damage,sure kill has insane %s,lasso have OP mobing,the rest,use at your own style.
(also for the 2nd finisher move,make sure to hold the skill button for the whole duration till it ends then press it again for advanced effect)
for skill names.
My only real advice is leave Lasso at 10 for Master rank and skip Punishment. (It really isn't that good for a variety of reasons. Namely how slow it is compared to everything else.)

By 58, you'll be dumping SP into Critical Hit Damage. (Or Lasso if you want. You don't HAVE to leave it at 10, but I would reccomend it so you can level up everything else since Lasso's pretty much a utility skill rather than a damage skill.)
You absolutely MUST max (1-2)Sure Kill. (First hit always Back Damage; @MAX: 2335%, and 1158% (3493%). @Lv10: 1705% + 848% (2553%)

Other high damage skills are:
  • (2-1)Guillotine (@Lv10: 2536% maximum hits)
  • (2-2)Punishment (@Lv10: 3435% maximum hits; but difficult; easy chase + higher crit rate when chase)
  • (2-3)Night Hunting (@Lv10: 2056% maximum hits; all hits will count as back attack)

No matter what you do, do not go past Lv10 on the following skills:
  • (1-1)Torrent of Pain (@Lv10: 1190% maximum hits; can drop defense of foes)
  • (1-3)Lasso (@Lv10: 1316% maximum hits. Tbh, if you only use it for gathering you can easily leave it at only level 3 or level 6, the master effect isn't that great.)

Whether you want to add points to FM is up to you, just know that Lv6 (1-5)FM Purgatory does slightly less damage (about 900% less) than Lv5 (2-4)FM Infinite Hell, but FM Purgatory can chase. (So really, personal preference here)

Also, just so you know, Shadow Hunting gives you a total Physical Attack buff when you successfully connect it.
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