Need Help about hunting some skills...
Anyone got any idea where can I hunt for these skills?

[Image: e13575fb3c.jpg]

I been searching the AH but no one is selling them(there are some but already expired so lol).

Tnx for helping
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]
Uhh, if it's in red it doesn't mean it had expired. It's just loading up. You can keep refreshing it until it shows up if you have the patience.
If you so really wanna hunt them EDMs are a good place to search for them, those skill cubes come by so often they fill my inventory space to the brim even with them fully unlocked so I NPCed all of them.
Source : Me, Professional Black Market Scout :^)
Blitz (last one) is Official Agent skill, so it doesn't have Master Skill Cube yet
No longer active
ohhh that is some good info tnx guys Big Grin
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]

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