Need help for beat a bug please !
Yahallo !

I got a problem with the cube room from the Area 3, when i chose the boss route, i can't move anymore and nothing happens..!

Am i the only one ? If someone can help me here, it would be nice ! Thank you for your time and sorry about my bad english ! Smile.


[Image: mini_118716ClosersBug.png]

[Image: lZ06Tu.gif]
Wrong section, this is KR help & support and not JP help & support.
Yahallo Person !
How it can be the wrong section when you select; "Closers JP" -> "Forums" ?
[Image: lZ06Tu.gif]
It got moved I believe Big Grin

It was on KR.

As for the bug itself, I didn't experience anything similiar, so maybe its something JP exclusive that they'll fix later? Try to ask people on discord chat on #jp-chat channel, they might give a quick answer, if any.
Oh i see !
Okay will try to get help there ^^' .. Thank you !
[Image: lZ06Tu.gif]
Hey again !
So for ppl in the same situation, try to party with a player without the room bug, let him lead the dungeon and even if he is the only one killed the boss, it will clear it for you.. Have fun in Closers !
See you soon ! Smile
(PS: This thread can be closed and mark as "Resolved".)
[Image: lZ06Tu.gif]

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