Need help please!
Hi guys, i don't play closers from a long time, so i need help.

Can someone tell me how to build Yuri and Seulbi? Both skill ( what skills and how many sp to use on them) and for items.

I would be very grateful if anyone may help . Thanks in advance.
No one?
For Yuri, I did (on JP but I don't think it differs pretty much) level to 10 every skill except the first one (BAN BAN BAN is called on JP), max the 3 FMs and both crits passives, dunno much about Mikoto, sorry :/
Here's what I run, at level 62, all PNA slots unlocked, and all SP books gotten from Story + Plane Gate quests.


[Image: OGk2nxP.png]


[Image: 4KInhdh.png]

I leave Space Compression at level 9 because the Master Aerial version moves forward, which can be disastrous as it can drag enemies out of Satellite Fall's range. (I always do a Space Compression + Satellite Fall + Rail Cannon combo. Space Compression applies a Magic Defense debuff in addition to holding enemies in place.) And since the explosion at the end does some decent damage, I find the Aerial Damage bonus to be worth more than the extra duration or the damage increase from leveling it up.
(10-26-2015, 02:30 PM)Nocto Wrote: max the 3 FMs and both crits passives

Seulbi don't need physical, her physical damage (if any) is terribly minor compared to her magical one, so she is mainly magical.
In other words, max magical critical damage/raw attack/chance(or keep this one at Lv1), ignore the physical passives completely for a good build.

On the other hand for Yuri, it does work that way (both stats)
Oh, didn't see Miko/Seulbi at all, guessed it was only for Yuri, lol XD
But yeah, I knew that Mikoto didn't have anything really phys related. Btw, thanks for the screens, those are gonna come in handy for my chars Smile
Endgame i have a question, how you chose wich skill to use for yuri ? (example you didn't use the sixth and the tenth skill at all)
Yeah, I also noticed the new passives that aren't on JP yet and especially the low crits passives on Yuri, I still wonder why's that :O
I started a Seha on the jp, may i ask a build for him too? thanks in advance.
Honestly Skill Builds in this game are reliant on your personal taste, almost everybody has completely different build, so you need to decide for YOURSELF what you need.

I mean, this IS a game, if you aren't having fun there's no point. Also, SP isn't as restrictive as other MMORPG since you can just down whatever you think sucks with credit/free event VIP, so just experiment around. (Hopefully JP gives out those free Character VIP whenever you complete an area, idk why they wouldn't)

But if you are low on credit or don't have VIP, you can use wiki to decide what you need.
Here is Seulbi page, but it is going to be a little weird because I'm currently working on splitting JP/KR differences.
And here is Seha page.

I say this because a lot of people tend to skip Cross Slash and Full Salvo Launch.
I take them both because it's the only way Yuri can infinite juggle, and because no one should underestimate Full Salvo Launch's DPS when you hit the Master Skill Cube effect.

Ofc, you can skip if that's your preference, but you wouldn't know it's your preference if you don't try, right?
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