Poll: What should we refer to this area as?
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Area 5 : 5-#
2 10.53%
Epilogue : E-#
17 89.47%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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New Area: 5th area or Epilogue?
Because people asked me to put up a poll, here it is.

Just to give people some background here:
  • The new area does not have its own Special Mission (it's identical to 4-S with a slightly higher level requirement)
  • It does not have unique music whatsoever. The only theme related to it is the current login theme, called EPILOGUE_LOGIN.
  • The filenames for the dungeons are PVE_EPILOGUE_1 through 4, while PVE_AREA05_STAGE01 through 6 are a currently unreleased area.
  • There is no real story progression at all in this area: We're cleaning up remaining dimensionals, nothing more.

I personally believe we should not consider this area as the true 5th area.

So go ahead and vote:
5-# or E-#
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
could decide after season 2 after seeing if that gets epilogue too.

There is slight story progression that hints at few major concepts in the next season.
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
If I recall correctly, the Disaster Recovery HQ has players going through old stages.

And EternalDream might be right - We're just cleaning up Dimensionals, and considering EPILOGUE_LOGIN, I'm in support of calling the new area an epilogue for now.

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