New Closers Trailer (Seha's Moment)

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Seha special agent/Character-specific in game storyline (depends on the character)/Next scenario preview :/?
Does 2na still care enough to translate this?
"Nata" on the YouTube comments has posted this summary:

Quote:"Basically..this whole web movies about the blacklimb member's secret story. The title is Seha's past time. He use his time to just play a games as we can see. and it seems the timeline is around after the official agent promotion quest(Cube dungeon). As a rival, he seems having a problem with this 'pressure' and 'expectations' as a Alpha Queen's son. And in the cube dungeon, the dimension version of Seha(or his possible future self) tolds him that 'no one will understands you.' crap. That annoying dimension crap thing tells him to serve me or become a puppet or somethin. But at the end, Seha seems to overcome his ....past. Damn, I can't wait to fight him again. "

.....Hopefully, this is a sign of Summer updates starting up. (We know there's a "Special Agent" advancement coming up thanks to datamining.) Because my own Seha NEEDS people running G Tower stages again so I can level him up. He's not geared enough to solo the stages in a timely manner.
So it's further resolution? Makes sense. A big part about the OA quest is pretty much about facing themselves. Maybe this means more skills, yes.

I just want to access the Cube again, though. Hellish or not, it's fun fighting for your life, and I think it gave a decent amount of EXP. Might be good helping others get their OAs while I wait until my next level up.
Its a sign of hype alright. Actually motivates me more to play Closers and not being burned out yet...hopefully the updates will be up to my expectations.
I just find it funny that he mains the person he argues with every day of his life.
I didn’t open the links you posted because I would've gotten confused as well. websites that write essays for you I am sure both of the items will be good at their own place. Choose the one that you think will be more beneficial to you than others.

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