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While I do have a few friends that have been playing closers (cough bunny). I've mostly played elsword but till the new char Rose which is kind of the last straw to me because of how I have huge idea how she is going to work on NA elsword I'm going to give closers a shot so here I am. I am typically a pvp person and bunny can tell you I do rant about pvp quite a bit in pvp and I will try not to get to hyped up about it here but I am very opinated when it comes to balance and please don't take anything i say to seriously or it might explode. My history with Elsword if you want to know is that I've mained LK and IS. IS since release date and LK for about a year and half in NA infested crappy serves where connections are terrible and make it hard to hit things with LK's almost no range and achieved SSS rank. I have no idea of any of the names of closers so bare with me because it takes forever for me to memorize names (it is a very bad trait to have in real life too). My few questions are how would you rate each of the chars and if you played elsword what char did you main before you came to closers and if not then what is your favorite char in pvp.
Seha: 8/10 PVP 8/10 PVE
Seulbi: 9/10 PVE 10/10 PVP (if played correctly)
Yuri: 7.5/10 PVE 9/10 PVP
J: 6.75/10 PVE 7/10 PVP
Tein: 7/10 PVE 7.5/10 PVP

Nata: 6.5/10 PVE 6.75/10 PVP
Levia: 11/10 PVE 11/10 PVP (I'm actually serious)

In fact, i played Elsword maning chung then Add after release.

And welcome, Bunny's friend Tongue

As for ranting or taking the game too seriously, i would recommend you to chill in your PVP experience since closers have proven to have a better PVE content than elsword, so its not necessary to do nothing but PVP and complain about it, furthermore the Union arena is still in BETA, which means totally imbalanced and a lot of things aren't taken into consideration, we might see something fun and balanced in the future.

Just remember, we are foreigners, we have high latency to KR, and your experience might not be as good even if the game is balanced.
Wow, you finally appeared.

I can't really judge the characters, since I only came back a few days ago, but I heard Levia's OP as hell.

As for Elsword, you already know who I main. xD
(For the curious derps, I mained Aisha then Add.)

Anyway, welcome to the HQ, and make sure to check the wiki/guides or ask someone (*cough* me) if you need help.
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
I'm always here bunny and no i didn't post it when you asked me too because I wanted to make a good impression *cough* and to answer The persons statement I've hanged up my Armablade sword a long time ago in pvp. Nothing has changed so my arguements still hold even in renewels except everyones op so it doesnt really matter i guess?????#greatbalancing. Also ty person. Your download thread saved me from the 12 hrs i spent on downloading Closers for KR q.q

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