New Year's Eve - 6 Major Events
Event Period : 2015/12/29 ~ 2016/01/12  2016/01/19

[Image: 04.jpg]
during the event period, EDM counts will be increased to 4!

[Image: 02.jpg]
during the event period, these items drop rate will be increased by twice in Plane Gate:
  • L. Gear
  • Strengthening Fuel
  • PNA
  • Equipment (Core/Module/Shield)
  • Skill Cubes

[Image: 03.jpg]
while this one ended on 02/02/16
user who registered during the event period and created a character will obtain this L.gear Accessory
[Image: osumashi_ukky.png]
for old players may get this L.Gear Accessory from Winter Mission

[Image: 05.jpg]

 First Time Logged In
 [Image: quickdualcapsuleEV.png]
(50 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule)

 30 Minutes
 [Image: triumphofaura.png]
(1 Great Success Aura)

 60 Minutes
 [Image: highestgradefuel.png]
(10 Finest Strengthening Fuel)

 90 Minutes
 [Image: marekcrystal.png]
(3 Crystal Image of Mareku)

 120 Minutes
 [Image: gatekeybox.png]
(1 Gate Stone Key BOX)

 150 Minutes
 [Image: materialbox.png]
(1 Material BOX)

 180 Minutes
 [Image: phasebooster9.png]
フェーズブースター +9:1個
(1 Phase Booster +9)

When you use the Gift BOX, you can obtain these items on the list below

 [Image: gatekeybox.png]
ゲートストーンキーBOX :
  • 蒼のゲートストーンキー:2個
  • 紅のゲートストーンキー:2個

 [Image: materialbox.png]
材料BOX :
  •  強固な次元の亀裂:3個
  • 反次元圧物質:3個
  • 次元のコア:3個
  • 次元界の動力源:3個

[Image: 06.jpg]
during the event period, all strengthening cost 50% OFF
edit-, extended event
Yeah,1 week still of farming PG like no tomorrow, lol Tongue

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