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Hello. Today is my first day here on closers. Because even though I did some research on this game, I would like some advice on which character to make first. Also if there are any basic tips about this game that are a must I would like to know those as well. So which character is good for a new player to start off with? Which is easier to learn/play/stronger?

Also if it helps I would like a good damage dealer/fast clearer both on early levels and end game(so far the mmorpg's I've played you either got a powerfull char at beginning but at endgame others outshined him, or the other way around). So a strong char both early and late game
All characters are pretty equally strong no matter what point of the game you're at. Everyone gets new skills at the same level so there's never a point one character has access to more things than another.

Just pick the gameplay style you prefer most.
Seha is close range burst damage
Yuri is quick mixed (magic+physical) combo damage
Seulbi is crowd control and wide range AoE (like any other mage character ever o3o)
J is tanky with both long and close range attacks, while focusing on disrupting enemies (by grabbing and pulling them in various ways)
Misteltein is the support character, with various lances and other abilities to raise stats. Mind you this doesn't make him any weaker in the damage departement than the other characters, not by far. He's honestly the most broken character right now, not that he's too far above the rest.
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Are they all easy to use/learn?
In my opinion, yes, though if anything, you have to watch out for your HP on J since he doesn't have an MP bar.

I suppose the easiest to learn characters would be Seha and Seulbi, but that doesn't mean the others are hard. Not in the slightest.
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
Ok. Thank you.

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