New player here
Hello. Today I just purchased my nexon kr account. So now while game downloads want to ask which char to play? I am not interested  in op chars. I want fun. So which is the flashiest char in game? I love flashyness cause flashy = fun. Help with suggestion
J is love
J is life
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
If you just want something fun and very good but not broken, I'll say J/Tein (they are the least played chars but still have very fun gameplay) you can also try Seha/Nata, although those are commmonly played, and Nata falls very low on PVE rankings at endgame ouob
Nata is so flashy he'll turn you blind...or give you a seizure

Also grats, and welcome to ClosersHQ. Big Grin
Check the wiki, guides, translations, or talk with us on discord if you need any help.

Don't forget to read the rules:
No longer active
Levia is love
Yuri is life
Tein is trap
Seulbi is flat

Male side:
Seha is weed
J is dew
Nata is sh*t

Also dont for get the check out the guides, rules and translation all details on top of the webpage
and drop by the chat o, that where we all at nowadays
Heyo, welcome \o
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Clutching to memories

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