New to forums Nice to Meetcha! ^^
Some of y'all know me from the CloserS skype group but I wanted to introduce myself to the forumers here. Hello all, nice to meet you! ^^ I'm a pretty quiet guy until you get to know me but nonetheless pretty chill. I mostly play fighting games and participate in them locally or head on to the states. Some games I play casually consist of Destiny, Forza, Ninja Gaiden etc. I'm also on KR/NA Elsword to anybody that still plays that ;o. Anyways, I think that's about it for introductions. Feel free to call me Hoods, Drops, Dropsy, or Nan if NanhouDrops is too long.. haha, my main is Yuri and may pick up J once he's available. Well happy foruming and have a splendid day folks! ^^ May we all have a joyous time on CloserS. ^^
Yo new person o/

Enjoy your stay
i hope you love puns
(01-02-2015, 05:32 PM)Grootman Wrote: Yo new person o/

Enjoy your stay
i hope you love puns

That I do.
Welcome! I hope you stay active! Smile
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Welcome to the forums~
No longer active
Hellow, young walker.


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