New update: what do you think?
So what do you think about new update. not onyly about this one, but when next come in future tell us too.

Personally i think this update (09/01/2015) was kinda ussles. Most bux which it fix was about character/item imige, and still they give advice "please try to restart the game". Lets add many items become ussless becouse of max lvl is 41 and some items which needed lvl 40 before now need lvl 42.

So what you guys and girls think about this?
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i havent Logged to see the changes yet and im kinda worried that some items are level 42 now cause i think i have some lvl 40 gear.Kinda scared to log now Sad ill edit my post when i log
The stones they give out when completing daily missions is pretty nice imo.
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Just noticed yesterday that Shodow`s (black vers of Black Lambs) which we fight in school start using Agent skills (especially Yuri spam agent finisher). They use it rly often in events too. So i`m kinda disapointed they dont add agent in this update becouse skills are in game already. What you guys think about it? And do you think tat in next update we gonna get agent? Or how long we need to wait for it.
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The 1-week daily green stones (phase stones was their name I think) was pretty good, I had a blast with Yuri on them. Tongue
From what I saw in the livestream, the 8/9 or 9/8 update will get us to the next area (G Tower Rooftop I think was called), Level Cap increase to 52 (woot!) and even Official Agent Test. Can't say that I'm not excited: I just capped to 41 all five heroes and totally ready on all of them to finish the Shogo Academy arc then move on. Wink

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