Now that you can solo Master difficulty of the Secret Dungeons...
You should all start farming the Goblin rooms in 3-s.

They have a higher rate of dropping these things on the Lv46-50 difficulty.
[Image: 63b98a03458060aafe70846da4d87128.png]

Cost like 80-100k each and mine sold in 3 seconds. Never use the auto price for an item btw. It said this thing was worth 55k. Every single one currently selling in a single quantity was priced at 90-100k. Lol

Always search up an item's price the normal way. :I

One 3-s run with 2 Goblin rooms gave me a little under 200k. Pretty nice for 10 minutes.


The boss was still a push over though. Died in like 5 seconds. Sad
Are the goblin rooms just RNG or is there a legitimate strategy to them?
(01-10-2015, 02:50 PM)iLegitCookie Wrote: Are the goblin rooms just RNG or is there a legitimate strategy to them?

I have a few theories.
-RNG that happens whenever you get a Green Room
-RNG that happens whenever you get a specific Green Room on a specific route
-Getting a specific Green Room at a specific room number
-RNG that happens whenever you get a Green Room on a specific roll (like 50/50 Route B Green.)

I've noticed I almost always get Route C Orange after certain rooms, so I don't think it's RNG.

What I DO know is:
You can only get 2 Goblin Rooms per run. 1 activated off Route A and 1 activated off Route B. After lots of testing I've never gotten three. So I think it's 1 per route.

Also, I had a weird experience where I had a Route B 100% Orange... but it gave me Green. I think this game has Gen 1 Pokemon RNG. Lol

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