Noxaellum Intro~
Hi everyone, i'm Noxaellum from the Jp serv. I don't know how to introduce myself correctly but i'm going to try.
I just start Closers Online since one week so i just know the basic mechanic of the game (for me basic mechanic are only, FIGHT, uhuh.)
I played mainly Yuri (Lvl 30 delete and restart now lvl 22)
I have all character created (except Mistelstein) so my character are :
Yuri lvl 22 name Essiah
Haruto lvl 28 name Noxael
Mikoto lvl 22 name Misi
J lvl 22 name Exelios
I try to play with some friend but actually they don't download the game xD (Jp make them fear i think). So i'm actually a solo player.
I think it's finish, sorry for my bad english (It's not my main language).
See ya in game maybe
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Welcome to the HQ
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
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